Medicaid Scams Amnesty Program Starts

Lakewood– An amnesty program enabling Ocean County locals who think they mistakenly got Medicaid advantages to willingly withdraw from the program without worry of prosecution began September 12 with a public info session in the 3,208-seat Pine Belt Arena.

The meeting, started by the Office of the State Comptroller, was indicated to discuss the program to citizens and prompt more people to come forward because of 26 Lakewood citizens who were detained over the summertime for defrauding a combined $2.4 million from Medicaid and other federal government help programs.

People who decide to take part will be needed to pay back Medicaid for the advantages they got while they were disqualified, plus pay an extra civil charge based upon the quantity of wrongful Medicaid advantages they got. They should also avoid re-joining Medicaid for a 1-year duration.

” Our objective is to bring those in Ocean County who were not in compliance with Medicaid eligibility requirements into compliance and to have them make complete restitution of all poorly gotten funds,” stated State Comptroller Philip James Degnan, who went to the meeting at Pine Belt Arena. “Residents of Ocean County must consider this program to be their best chance to come into compliance without worry of prosecution.”.

People have up until December 12 to apply on comptroller. An agent from the Medicaid Fraud Division will then subsequent with them in concerns to restitution and charge details, in addition to scheduling a settlement visit.

A representative for the State Comptroller’s Office stated they will wait up until the 90-day duration is ended to launch figures on the number of people requested amnesty in the program.

Medicaid Fraud Division Director Josh Lichtblau stated the amnesty program is helpful because it will return funds so that they can be used by New Jersey citizens that are genuinely in need of support.

Despite the favorable outlook from the State, the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office reacted to evident criticism of the amnesty program the day before it opened, releasing a declaration targeted at those advising their workplace to pursue more prosecutions and stop amnesty.

” For all those who feel OCPO is refraining from doing enough about Lakewood Fraud prosecutions the response is easy: We do not have access to the NJ State Comptroller Office program files. They manage the programs application and application procedure. It resembles another victim of monetary criminal offense or scams; we will unknown they are a victim of criminal activity unless they inform us. If a victim steps forward, we examine and prosecute on their behalf.”.

The OCPO also made it clear that the amnesty program originated from the State Comptroller’s Office, which they have no authority to mandate or keep an eye on how a state firm works.